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e.lens v3 demo site

This site gives a testbed to demonstrate the various features of the new e.lens remote tracing and ordering website. For additional information on pricing, availability, and to obtain a login username and password, please call 800-665-0091.

e.lens is a online ordering website to facilitate sending orders and tracing information from eyecare professionals to optical laboratories. It features a fully configurable interface allowing customization to match your labs branding.

Full lab control of lens and other configuration offers unparalleled simplicity for your customers. Restricted lists allow you to narrow down choices on a customer by customer or order type basis, making sure customers can only order items that are part of their plan. Redos are minimized with extensive data entry error checking. Per customer and lab new job defaults allow you to direct customers to most common products.

Our remote tracing capability supports all OMA compatible tracers as well as our patented optical tracing system.

Tracking features allow your customers to find the current status of their orders without needing to tie up your customer service operators. History features allow for previous order copying and editing reducing data entry time on second pairs and redos.

Role based security allows you to restrict access to various elements of your site and hide unused features.

Logging and extensive reporting capabilities gives instant access to trends in your online ordering. A flexible bank reward system allows you to offer special promotions to your customers based on how they order.